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Dhokra refers to the technique of casting non-ferrous metals using the lost-wax casting technique. One of the most famoust archaeological discoveries of the Indus Valley civilization – the dancing girl of Mohenjo-Daro – in fact was made by the Dhokra technique.

Members of Dhokra Damar tribe are traditionally metalsmiths hailing from Odisha and West Bengal. This tribe uses the technique of lost-wax casting and hence the name Dhokra technique.

Dhokra jewellery designs are simple but elegant, folksy and colorful.

Tejas Jewellery has a curated collection of Dhokra necklace sets. Please click on the images below to know browse in the shop.

To know more about Dhokra please see the videos below.

Dhokra Metal Casting – A Documentary movie (Minsitry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India). Video in English language

Dhokra Casting and Tribal Jewellery Crafts of Odisha
Video in Odiya language

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