meera nair

Meera Nair wears jewellery from Tejas Tejas jewellery is very privileged to have Ms. Meera Nair, the popular actress as our fan. Here is what she had to say ” Ending the year with the joy of dressing up!! Thank you Saraswathi Vasudevan teacher for gifting me these beautiful pieces of jewellery. I loved wearing …

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Mahima 2021

Tejas Sponsors Mahima 2021 Mahima and its origins Tejas has been always focused on bringing a curated collection of ethnic, Indian to the fashion-conscious women of Trivandrum. Since we started in 2008, our customers have enjoyed the various collections ranging from Kolhpuri to Dhokra and from temple jewelry to the trendy designs. Tejas was the …

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13 birthday

Tejas Turns 13 Tejas completed 13 years of business on Nov 23, 2021. I am very grateful to all my customers who have supported Tejas Jewellery over the years. I celebrated the anniversary with a small group of long-term customers, friends, and my staff at in the shop to acknowledge and show gratitude for the …

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Social business

Tejas Jewellery – a socially conscious business Of late, often one hears these buzz words SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), ESG( Environment, Social, Governance). Regulators, Governments and investors are calling for explicit commitments and actions by business on these dimensions. Saraswathi, the founder of Tejas Jewellery, has been on the journey of building a business that …

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Tejas – Meaning

Tejas – Meaning The name Tejas means Sharp; Luster; Brilliance and is of Indian origin. Several ancient Indian texts refer to the word “Tejas” in several contexts. A few of them are given below. In the Vaisheshikaschool of philosophy Tejas (तेजस्, “fire”) is one of the nine dravyas (‘substances’), according to the Vaiśeṣika-sūtras. These dravyas …

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