Names of ornaments

The ancient text Natya Shastra by Bharata muni has detailed explanations of various types of ornaments. The text also gives guidelines about how the ornaments need to be worn. A short excerpt from the text

Oranments are of 4 kinds.
A. to be fixed by piercing the limbs (āvedhya)
B. to be tied up (bandhanīya)
C. to be worn (prakṣepya) and
D. to be put round (āropya)

Piercing Ornaments – ear rings (kundala)
Tied up Ornaments – Girdles (śroṇī-sūtra), arm-band (Aṅgada)
Worn Ornaments – anklets ((nūpura)
Put-round ornaments – the golden neck-chain (hema-sūtra) and necklaces (hāra)

Tejas Jewellery has the following in its collections.
Hāra – Necklace
Kuṇḍala – ear-ring
Mocaka – ear-pendant
Sūtra – Thread (jewellery)
Valaya – Bangles
Rucika – Bracelets
Nūpura – anklets


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