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Of late, often one hears these buzz words SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), ESG( Environment, Social, Governance). Regulators, Governments and investors are calling for explicit commitments and actions by business on these dimensions.

Saraswathi, the founder of Tejas Jewellery, has been on the journey of building a business that is socially conscious. Right from the beginning, the belief was that while profits are important for a business, making a positive impact on the society is also equally important. She decided to mainly hire women for the brick and mortar shop. Today there are 3 women who work along with Saraswathi to run the shop and to manage the online shop. In addition to paying salaries, Saraswathi is also empowering these women by teaching them life skills, crafts and basics of business.  The team’s introduction is at www.tejasjewellery.in/about 

Tejas has been consiously identifying traditional handicraft styles and curates collections from such traditional communities. One such example is the dance jewellery collections. Vadasery in Kanyakumari district is known for creating dance jewellery. The artisans can create both gold and  imitation dance jewellery. Dancers of Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi love the Vadasery collections. Tejas has been promoting these since inception.  The craftsmen in Vadasery village need all the support in the promotion of this dying art form

Vadasery dance jewellery

Coconut shell craft t is the other traditional craft that Tejas has been promoting. This art form from Tirunelveli ,Tamilnadu. These eco-friendly earrings and pendants are all time favorites among the younger generations.

Ear rings from coconut shells

Another focus area has been the use of sustainable materials. The first experiment was to create cloth banners instead of the popular “flex” banners for events and exhibitions. This practice is both economical and sustainable.

Handmade cloth banner

Tejas uses “tailor-waste” to create jewellery pouches. These pouches are used in stead of plastic covers. Tejas is also exploring ways and means of reducing plastic usage in shipping..

Handmade pouches from tailor waste

Tejas would like do more in this area. If you have any suggestions please do send them through https://www.tejasjewellery.in/contact-us/

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  1. I must say that the pieces of jewellery displayed in this article look really very beautiful. I would also like to own all these pieces of jewellery. I must also mention that you have been doing a great job. Thank you for sharing this brief and interesting article with us.

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