In my entrepreneurial   journey, I have always been on the lookout for new designs, traditional jewellery work and connecting with the artisans. Visits to craftf fairs conducted by various local governments have helped me unearth traditional artisans especially women with spectacular skills.

It was one such visit that  I discovered  Alka and her family creators and sellers of  Maharashtrian jewellery. Alka  and her son came all the way from village close to Kolhapur. We were able to connect easily as I could speak Hindi and she was totally lost not knowing the local language.

After half an hour I bought a few samples and gave her a customized order .A handwritten bill in Hindi with strange names hit me hard. That is when I realized that I hardly knew anything about this rich heritage. Started exploring more about it and since then a constant endeavor to collect and curate these heritage designs which were originally made in gold. Since then I have made Kolhapuri designs  part of the Tejas collections.

I am delighted to present a  few Kolhapuri  designs featured in

Kolhapur Thushi. This classic jewellery introduced by the Peshwa dynasty is a must for a Maharashtrian bride. A unique  bead weaving technique with gold beads of same  or graded sizes to  form a choker or a necklace. Moti Thushi has pearls long with the gold beads. A typical Chandrama pendant embedded with deep pink or green stone adds to the charm. What was originally crafted in gold has transcended into silver finish Thushi and as  fashion jewellery made of bronze alloy in gold finish.

(Search for VA01215, VA01215 A, JA318 or JA 518)

Kolhapuri  Saaz. This long necklace is as special as mangal sutra. It is made of gold beads and 21 leaf shape pendants each signifying an important idea from theHhindu religion. While 10 of them represent the ten incarnations of the Lord, 8 pendents represent Ashtamangal. One ruby and one emerald along with a taviz complete this 21 pendants.
This has become a fashion statement among the Bollywood stars and one can find these jewellery adorned by heroines of films based on history like Bajirao masthani.

Kolhapur Mangal Sutra necklace. This is a fusion of traditional mangal sutra in blackbeads and Kolhapur pendants. Often a multi- strand of black beads is attached to a Kolhapur Chandrama pendant or a flower pendant with a pink stone. The fashion demands have made the artisans more imaginative and new designs in oxidized silver are being created and marketed.

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